No other pain relieving medication is less toxic than cannabis, even aspirin or Tylenol. This is why cannabis as medicine could be an excellent choice, even for animals.  As humans become more attuned to the benefits of a cheap, natural pain reliever that doesn’t have death as a side-effect, some forward thinking vets are doing the same thing for our four legged friends.

Dr. Doug Kramer, a California veterinarian is among a growing number of experts who believe that cannabis can help canines cope with painful conditions. During an interview with Vice, he told the magazine that some dogs do not respond to pain killers, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medicine, and that cannabis can be an alternative option to help relieve suffering.

Dog w snoopDr. Kramer first considered marijuana for animal treatment when one of his clients inquired about obtaining medical marijuana for her pet when other more toxic medications stopped working. Kramer also tried the treatment on his cancer-stricken Husky named Nikita. He said that the marijuana improved her quality of life and put off her inevitable euthanasia by helping with her pain and stimulating her appetite.

While speaking to the news organization Mother Jones, the cannabis friendly doctor also mentioned that people have used cannabis for treating their pets’ inflammation from arthritis. He said one woman even gave her horse marijuana-infused butter to treat the hoofed mammal’s case of laminitis, a foot disease that causes painful swelling.