How in the world can forgetting be a useful thing? Well, it can be very helpful for us to forget traumatic events such as those that cause PTSD.  This can be a godsend for patients.  The majority of my Veterans with PTSD night terrors sleep through the night and also achieve relief from their night terrors on the first night.  Cannabis is a wonderful helper in integrating the memories of our painful past. The painful memories can be emotional as well as almost purely physical. Check out the amazing healing power of whole plant cannabis, and share with someone you love.  -Dr. Jake Felice

Here is another informative video on the benefits of cannabis for PTSD.  I hope that you enjoy and share this information with friends and loved ones.  -Dr. Jake Felice

In the video below, Dr. Sue Sisley Talks About Medical Marijuana and PTSD.  Another very informative video….  -Dr. Jake Felice

The following video a veteran discusses how cannabis has helped him on multiple levels, including overcoming his addiction to opiate based pain killers by his successful substitution of low toxic cannabis.


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