The topic of this video by Glen Olsen is one of the reasons why whole plant cannabis is so important – nobody has ever died from cannabis toxicity ever, and it is patent-free, affordable medicine for the people.  There are no patents for cannabis, and in the great state of Washington, patients with qualifying conditions are allowed to grow their own medicine, making it affordable even for people in the lowest income bracket.  I believe that a huge part of the push back against medical cannabis is because it dramatically reduces patient’s dependence on pharmaceutical drugs.

Nobody has ever died from an overdose of cannabis ever and there is no pain relieving medicine less toxic than cannabis.  Additionally, it is now fairly accepted that cannabis smoke is much less carcinogenic than tobacco smoke.  Let’s stop this nonsense and madness and heal our culture together.  Cannabis is good medicine and even very poor people can afford it in places where it is now legal.

-Dr. Jake Felice