There’s a wealth of laboratory evidence that compounds in cannabis kill cancer cells in a variety of ways.  Even very low concentrations of cannabinoids have anti-cancer effects, and all cannabinoids have extremely low toxicity.  The doctors in this video discuss how it is whole plant cannabis and not pharmaceutical drugs based on the plant’s chemistry that will seize the day and out perform the patented products of pharmaceutical corporations.  Right now, federal laws and regulations prevent the study of cannabis in humans in the United States.  Let’s do what needs to be done and study this plant in humans – the lives of our loved ones are too short to have politics and religion interfering with our god given right to use this plant to help ourselves and those we love.  Here is some information from the National Cancer Institute that you might find interesting on the use of cannabis for helping cancer patients:

A proper cannabis recommendation requires more than just a few minutes of a doctor’s time, and includes information on cannabinoid content, strain selection, and delivery methods. If you’re not getting this information from your doctor, you’re not getting a real cannabis consultation and are missing information on the full value and healing potential of the plant.

-Dr. Jake Felice