Many media outlets bash cannabis as lowering our immune system.  The use of these words misleads patients and is a sophisticated form of reefer madness.

immunesysThe word “immune suppression” scares patients and its use is a form of anti-cannabis propaganda.  The key thing to understand about cannabis is that it is an immune modulator, and NOT an immune suppressant.  Most cannabis shifts the immune system surveillance away from fighting bacteria, while at the same time stimulating the body’s ability to fight cancer, viruses, and auto-immune disease.  The latter are much more important in the case of chronic disease from which most patients suffer.

Cannabis certainly may not be beneficial in acute infection, or in immune compromised or in those patients taking immune suppressing medication such as prednisone.  Of great note, is that certain strains of cannabis possess antibacterial properties.  Thank goodness!

-Dr. Jake Felice