Dr. Jake discusses medical cannabis with Dr. Jamie Corroon, N.D., M.P.H.  of The Cannabis Consult podcast.

Topics included in this podcast at the following times:

04:15  How the FDA’s regulation on botanical drugs differs from single molecule drugs

06:30  Clinical trials of cannabis

07:50  Terpenes

08:09  Why cannabis makes THC/(THCA)

09:09  Flavonoids

12:52  Terpene variability in cannabis strains

13:35  Standardized cannabis products

14:30  The entourage effect and cannabis (cannabis synergy)

15:58  Risk-benefit ratio in prescribing cannabis

17:11  Why the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the internet of our body and how this necessitates individual dosing in cannabis prescribing

18:33  Dosing with cannabis: the patient centered dosing paridigm

19:11  Cannabis and anxiety:  Dose titration with patients to reduce anxiety

20:54  Why naturopathic doctors are great for cannabis patients

21:40  Dosing with THC

23:35  RSO dosing   (Rick Simpson Oil)

26:00  Risk-benefit ratio and cannabis revisited

27:18  Standardized cannabis products

29:18  Standards for doctors recommending cannabis – AACM American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine

28:40  Naturopathic doctors and cannabis – educating patients

32:10  What cannabis patients are looking for

33:45  Differences between Washington state and California cannabis laws

35:20  Budtender education and medical advice

39:33  Cannabis culture:  Washington state vs. California

41:50  What kind of cannabinoid medicine Dr. Felice wants for his patients

43:00  Topical cannabis products and pain

43:28  Enteurage effect with cannabis

44:38  What Dr. Felice wants in a good topical product

47:12  Why CBD from hemp is better than single-molecule CBD

-Dr. Jake F. Felice ND, LMP